We Build Capacity.

The IISAAK OLAM Foundation is an Indigenous educational not-for-profit society based in British Columbia, Canada. We work in partnership with many organizations and sectors to support the establishment, governance, and management of Indigenous Protected and Conserved Areas (IPCAs). Our programs and activities are educational and intend to increase knowledge and capacity for Indigenous-led conservation and innovation at the watershed level, across BC, in Canada, and globally.

We incubate ideas.

The IISAAK OLAM Foundation creates space for ideation and innovation. We function, in part, as an incubator for projects in their pilot or early phase of development. When certain projects reach a point where they can “fly the nest”, we support their launch and continue to engage as an active partner. Examples include the IPCA Knowledge Basket and the Pacific IPCA Innovation Centre.

We work in partnership.

In 2021, in the spirit of incubation and innovation, the IISAAK OLAM Foundation supported the design and development of the IPCA Innovation Program, a project on MakeWay Charitable Society’s shared platform. The IPCA Innovation Program is a direct response to the Conservation through Reconciliation Partnership’s third legacy outcome to support IPCA establishment and innovation across Canada.


We create pathways for giving.

To play a part in supporting Indigenous Protected and Conserved Areas, please contact us to learn about the various ways you can contribute: If you would like to make a charitable donation to our partner, the IPCA Innovation Program at MakeWay to support its mission and mandate, please click the button below.