T’Sou-ke Housing Solutions Lab

Building a roadmap for housing development in Indigenous Protected and Conserved Areas that equally values Indigenous and Western worldviews of "home" in housing policy, design, and community engagement.

Initiative level: Watershed-level Impact

Project Summary

A Solutions Lab, or “Social Innovation Lab” as they are often called, is an approach to addressing complex, and deeply rooted community challenges (such as climate change, racism or affordable housing.) At their core, Labs create a safe space for experimentation. This learning approach helps Lab participants to uncover, co-develop and test out possible solutions or approaches that can help address and transform the conditions that are giving rise to the problem at hand.

The T’Sou-ke Housing Solutions Lab explored the following questions:

  1. How might we support community health, wellbeing, and connection to ecosystems within T’Sou-ke Traditional Territory through the creation of housing strategies that embrace Indigenous worldviews of “home”?
  2. How might we develop housing strategies that foster and honour peace and friendship treaty responsibilities between Indigenous and non-Indigenous residents living within the traditional territory of T’Sou-ke Nation?
Chief Planes and Mayor Tait
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Watershed-level Impact

T’Sou-ke Housing Solutions Lab

IISAAK Olam's Role

Conveners, facilitators, liaisons with T’Sou-ke, prototype leads


November 2019 to September 2022

Where it's at now

On Sunday, September the 18th, T’Sou-ke Nation, the District of Sooke, and the IISAAK OLAM Foundation hosted a community event to share highlights and ideas that emerged from the T’Sou-ke Housing Solutions Lab.

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We will be moving forward some of the ideas and prototypes that were developed through this lab within the Pacific IPCA Innovation Centre knowledge hub, funded by the Canadian Mountain Network.

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If you have questions and would like to speak to our Solutions Lab team, please don’t hesitate to email us.