IPCA Knowledge Basket

Honour, celebrate, and catalyze Indigenous-led conservation pathways in Canada.

Initiative level: National Impact

Project Summary

The IPCA Knowledge Basket is a digital space that holds and shares resources to inform, guide, and advance Indigenous-led conservation initiatives, including Indigenous Protected and Conserved Areas (IPCAs). A legacy initiative of the Conservation through Reconciliation Partnership (CRP), it was created to honour, celebrate, and catalyze a larger, national movement of Indigenous leadership in conservation.

The IPCA Knowledge Basket is an online platform for reciprocal knowledge-sharing and collaborative learning in the spirit of ‘We Rise Together’. Inspired by the practice of basket weaving, the IPCA Knowledge Basket represents the strength, beauty, and abundance we can create by weaving together Indigenous and western science, innovation, and knowledge.

The origins of the IPCA Knowledge Basket can be traced to the Indigenous Circle of Experts (ICE) who led a national effort to consider how IPCAs could be realized in Canada which revealed a need for a digital knowledge and information-sharing platform for Indigenous conservation leadership.

The platform was created through the collective vision and efforts of many, including the IISAAK OLAM Foundation, the Indigenous Leadership Initiative, and members of the CRP. It would not have been possible without the generous contributions of wisdom, knowledge, and stories from Indigenous leadership, governments, and communities.

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National Impact

IPCA Knowledge Basket

IISAAK Olam's Role

The IISAAK OLAM Foundation was a founding partner of the IPCA Knowledge Basket and is currently stewarding the initiative in collaboration with and under the governance of the CRP Leadership Circle.


Launched on June 21, 2022

Where it's at now

In the past year, the IPCA Knowledge Basket team made several changes to the platform to improve user experience and website functionality. We continue to remove barriers, such as paywalls, to offer accessible, relevant, and timely resources.

In 2024, the IPCA Knowledge Basket team will be refocusing our energies to better understand and assess our reach and impact. We want to ensure we’re in alignment and growing with the fast-changing Indigenous conservation leadership movement. This way, the IPCA Knowledge Basket can be more responsive to shifting needs and emergent opportunities.

We will be using this time to conduct a strategic review of our work, including targeted engagements with our audiences. We will also take this time to ensure there is strong, lasting Indigenous governance in place to sustain the IPCA Knowledge Basket beyond the sunsetting of the Conservation through Reconciliation Partnership in 2026.

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