Indigenous Climate Action Program

The Indigenous Climate Action Program (ICAP) gives children and their caregivers the tools to (re)connect with nature.

Initiative level: National & Regional Impact

Project Summary

The Indigenous Climate Action Program (ICAP) is a self-guided program gives children and their caregivers the tools to (re)connect with their home. We explored the meaning of “home” by venturing together on a journey of interconnection, guided by a combination of Indigenous and western worldviews and teaching styles. We discovered and celebrated our connection to each other and to the ecosystems upon which we depend, helping to foster environmental and cultural literacy. The program instilled the values of responsibility and respect for all life while strengthening the connection between children and their local environments and communities.

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National & Regional Impact

Indigenous Climate Action Program

IISAAK Olam's Role

The IISAAK OLAM Foundation designed and developed the program based on our mandate to create educational opportunities that honour Indigenous worldviews. Our goal was to create affordable opportunities for families to learn about the natural environment within the proximity of home. We established partnerships with Saanich Parks and the Pacific Peoples' Partnership, and engaged Indigenous Elders and knowledge holders to support program delivery.


2020 to present

Where it's at now

The Indigenous Climate Action Program has completed its pilot phase. We are seeking partners to foster its continued growth.

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Parents and teachers are welcome to use the educational tools and modules we've designed with their families and students.