We Rise Together

We Rise Together Report (2018)

We Rise Together, the 2018 report by the Indigenous Circle of Experts (ICE) for the Pathway to Canada Target 1, is the foundational document on Indigenous Protected and Conserved Areas (IPCAs). It serves as a reference and guide for all who seek to understand the context in which IPCAs emerged in Canada––not as a new model for conservation, but as a framework that centres Indigenous worldviews, values, laws, and leadership in conservation. The report presents critical concepts such as Ethical Space, discussed the importance of a “responsibilities” mindset, and shares case studies that showcase the many different ways that Indigenous Peoples and governments can shape an IPCA. The report culminates in 28 specific recommendations for different sectors and actors on how to support the establishment, governance, and management of IPCAs. 

The IISAAK OLAM Foundation, founded in 2017, has a mandate to support the implementation of the recommendations from the We Rise Together report. To make the report more accessible to all who seek guidance on IPCAs, we have recorded the first audio version of the report that you can access below. 

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