Pacific IPCA Innovation Centre Knowledge Hub

The Pacific IPCA Innovation Centre Knowledge Hub focuses on capacity development, research, and knowledge mobilization to coordinate and support the establishment of IPCAs in the Pacific region.

Initiative level: National & Regional Impact

Project Summary

The Pacific IPCA Innovation Centre Knowledge Hub (Pacific IPCA Hub) will foster relationships and bring together the best of Indigenous and western knowledge systems for the restoration and conservation of biocultural diversity. The work of the Pacific IPCA Hub aims to serve Indigenous Nations and governments in the establishment of IPCAs by coordinating knowledge sharing activities, curriculum, research, and events with partners from academia, Indigenous NGOs, civil society, all levels of government, and the private sector.

A combination of virtual, classroom, and land-based educational programming will be offered through a network of virtual and satellite campuses. Programs are designed and delivered in Ethical Space, including workshops on diverse aspects of IPCAs, productive retreats, field schools, language and culture programs with local knowledge holders and artists, as well as conferences and events. Partners will include experts in conservation biology, ecology, ethnoecology, ecological restoration, Indigenous knowledge and food systems, governance, and Indigenous languages and cultures.

Activities of the Pacific IPCA Hub are being funded by the Canadian Mountain Network between April 2021 and March 2024. Founding collaborators of the project include the IISAAK OLAM Foundation (co-lead), Vancouver Island University's Master of Community Planning department (co-lead), the University of Victoria's Civil Engineering Department and Indigenous Law Faculty, the Conservation through Reconciliation Partnership, the IPCA Innovation Program at MakeWay, the David Suzuki Foundation, the Department of Environment and Development of the University for Peace in Costa Rica, the Working Group on Indigenous Food Sovereignty at UBC, the Assembly of First Nations' Environment Sector, T'Sou-ke First Nation, RJC Engineering, the Canadian Wildlife Service, West Coast Environmental Law, the Canadian Parks Collective for Innovation and Leadership, and Roots to Roofs.


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National & Regional Impact

Pacific IPCA Innovation Centre Knowledge Hub

IISAAK Olam's Role

The IISAAK OLAM Foundation founded the Pacific IPCA Innovation Centre and is co-leading the Pacific IPCA Hub initiative that is funded by the Canadian Mountain Network. We support program and curriculum development and have collaborated with Vancouver Island University on the design and launch of the IPCA Planning Certificate, Canada's first post-secondary program dedicated to supporting IPCAs.



Where it's at now

The Pacific IPCA Hub is in its second year of existence.

Get involved

Contact us if you or your Nation/organization/business would like to get involved in supporting IPCAs in the Pacific region