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Collecting and sharing stories about IPCA establishment

Initiative level: National Impact

Project Summary

The Stories Project is a space for Métis, Inuit and First Nations to share conservation stories. The Stories Project supports Indigenous-led conservation by:

  • showcasing a diversity of initiatives at all points in their development (early stage projects welcome!)

  • creating a space for inspiring and learning from each other’s experiences

By sharing your story you will:

  • have help creating a beautiful online space to share existing information about your work (photos, descriptions, language and songs, links, maps, donate buttons…)

  • raise awareness about the important work you are doing, no matter where you’re at

  • inspire other Indigenous Nations, governments and communities interested in conserving their territories

The Stories Project also supports the work of the Conservation through Reconciliation Partnership the stories are hosted on the IPCA Knowledge Basket. We’re working together with a women-led Indigenous-owned firm on the design of a high profile website dedicated to Indigenous-led conservation in Canada. The website will be launched in 2022. We hope to see your story there!

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National Impact

IPCA Stories

IISAAK Olam's Role

Co-Host and Convener


This is an ongoing project that collects stories fo the IPCA Knowledge Basket

Where it's at now

We are still collecting stories, contact Monica Shore by email at monica@iisaakolam.ca to share your story.



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